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Is SEO Just Too Hard?

23 Oct 2012
Google has cracked down on many low quality SEO tactics making them now ineffective. Are the SEO golden years over?

Blog Commenting Guidelines 101

19 Oct 2012
If you are looking to build up a presence in blogosphere, you will be keen to learn more about how to...

Web Developers VS Web Designers - Round One - FIGHT!

24 Sep 2012
I've been developing websites for almost 10 years now and one situation that is consistent from project to project is...

NZ's Online Advertising Spend Shows Sustained Growth

The latest release of the Interactive Advertising Bureau's quarterly survey (carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers) continues to paint a picture of strong...

Responsive Design - is your website mobile device friendly?

It probably comes as no great surprise that mobile device usage is on the increase in New Zealand particularly with all...

Increasing Your Page Speed With CSS Sprites

17 Jul 2012
Image souce: jamesmellor Looking for an efficient way to increase your page speed and/or make effective CSS image rollovers? If...

How To Manage Your PPC Campaign For Better AdWords ROI

27 Jun 2012
I am an advocate and firm believer of learning new things. Whether it is a new language, ways to remember...

The Rise of Smartphone Use in NZ - Is Your Business Ready?

When the first commercially available mobile phone hit the markets in 1983 who would have imagined the technology they would be...

My Top 5 Favorite jQuery Functions

23 May 2012
There are lots of fun and modern effects you can achieve on your website with just a couple of lines of...

Should I Have A Blog on My Website?

This is a common conundrum so the aim of this column is to put forward the case as to why having...
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