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Does Your Website Create The Right First Impression?

If your website is creating the wrong first impression it could be turning away new business. What are the things that turn people off? We take a look at the most common culprits.

Create a Dynamic PDF with PHP (Tutorial)

29 Apr 2013
Learn how to create dynamic PDF documents using the PHP library FPDF. This tutorial covers all the basics you need to get started!

Responsive Web Design - The Geek Stuff

16 Jan 2013
Wanting to know how to build your own Responsive Website? View these 3 easy steps to achieve a website that will look great on all devices.

How To Get More Visits With Your Orbit CMS Blog Module

20 Dec 2012
A simple walk through for Orbit CMS blog module owners. How to get more visibility for your blog content by using these easy SEO options. Just like WordPress, minus the speed issues.

How To Make Your Website Form Engaging

Are the forms on your website engaging enough for users to complete? If not, make note of these tips.

How To Keep In Touch With Your Customers

Simple ways to keep in touch with your customers and help drive repeat sales.

Style a Select Box Using CSS

23 Nov 2012
Hello Web Developers. Do you have some select boxes that you need to style? Follow my tutorial on how to style select boxes using nothing but CSS!

Google Panda: 3 Content Checks You Must Do

Over the past 18 months the SEO landscape has been turned on its head; a result of Google's increasingly aggressive and...

Is SEO Just Too Hard?

23 Oct 2012
Google has cracked down on many low quality SEO tactics making them now ineffective. Are the SEO golden years over?

Blog Commenting Guidelines 101

19 Oct 2012
If you are looking to build up a presence in blogosphere, you will be keen to learn more about how to...
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