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Website Hosting

Is Your Website Safe? Website Security Explained

6 Oct 2020
Protection of our personal information online is becoming an increasingly hot topic as we spend more time on the web and technology allows us to do more there. In this climate, businesses need to treat website security as an essential rather than a nice to have. But how do we secure something we can’t even see?

What is a Content Delivery Network and Do You Need One?

19 Feb 2019
You may have heard the term Content Delivery Network or CDN before. If you’re reading this you probably want to know what a CDN is, and if your website needs to use one.

Should You Consider a Website Security Audit?

30 Nov 2018
There really is nothing more important when operating a business website than making sure it is secure from the ever-present threat of hacking. Identifying website vulnerabilities, before hackers do, is the best way to protect your business, your customers and your reputation.

Limelight Online Managed Hosting Plans vs. Un-managed Hosting Plans

27 May 2016
So, you have a website and you pay a monthly or annual hosting fee to ensure that your website is accessible...

Limelight Online Hosting - What you do and don't see

28 Oct 2015
Oftentimes we hear comments like ‘Hosting is just hosting isn’t it? Or ‘Oh, my current provider charges much less than that’. We thought it fitting to provide a breakdown of what a premium hosting service actually looks like.