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How to Improve Calls-to-Action and Increase Conversions

12 Dec 2013

For most businesses, the website isn't just there to look pretty. Certainly looking pretty is important, but one of its primary purposes is to drive extra business your way. 

This is achieved by ensuring that when people come to your website, they take the action you want them to take. You may simply want them to pick up the phone and call you, make a booking, or perhaps subscribe to your newsletter. Whatever the end goal, it's important that the calls-to-action on your site help people get there. 

Sometimes, however, these calls-to-action are not prominent enough, causing your website visitors to leave without taking that all important action. 

I recently wrote a column for the Canterbury Today magazine talking about this very topic, so I thought I'd share it here with you. In the article, I provide some helpful tips on how to enhance your website's calls-to-action and, hopefully, increase conversions.

You can view the article right here - just turn to page 11!


After you have read the column, it would be lovely to hear your feedback or questions so please do submit them below.

Written by
Based in our Christchurch office, Suzanne is our Business Development Manager and has been with Limelight Online since early 2009. Suzanne brings a wealth of web-related knowledge and experience to the company and works closely with our clients to identify smart web solutions that satisfy their needs and present their business in the best possible light online.

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