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facebook Remarketingthe smart way to re-engage with potential customers

Facebook remarketing helps you instantly reconnect with people who visited your website, but left without taking any action.

It seems like everyone is using Facebook these days – from your teenage neighbour to your grandmother! With over 1.8 billion people actively using Facebook each month, you know exactly where a huge chunk of your target audience is hanging out.

Like other forms of remarketing, Facebook remarketing campaigns target individuals who left your website before taking any action. Facebook remarketing is a super smart digital marketing strategy thanks to the great results it can achieve. 

Benefits of Remarketing on the facebook platform

Facebook remarketing can benefit your business in many ways.

  • Increase conversion rates: The most obvious benefit of Facebook remarketing is that it can quickly improve your conversion rates. By providing prospects with a timely reminder about your products or services, you increase the likelihood that they will return to your website – rather than your competitors – to complete the sales cycle. 
  • Reach a huge audience: Facebook remarketing lets you advertise to people who use Facebook – all 1.8 billion of them! The latest figures suggest that 71% of adults who use the internet also regularly use Facebook.
  • Improve brand recognition: People are typically reluctant to purchase a product or service from a company that they do not recognise. By exposing more people to your logo and branding via Facebook, you are able to improve brand recognition, which can help improve sales in the long run.
  • Leverage social proof: One of the most exciting aspects of Facebook remarketing is that prospective customers can engage with other members of the Facebook community before making a purchase. The liking and commenting features allow prospects to view comments from your customers and ask questions before making a buying decision. It’s also a way of demonstrating that you are a legitimate company with a proven sales history.
  • Cost-effective: When done right, Facebook remarketing can be a very cost-effective way to increase sales.
  • Smart tools ensure better results: Facebook has invested an enormous amount of time and money in their advertising platform. This includes the creation of valuable tools that help digital marketers fine-tune campaigns to ensure optimal results. One of the most exciting aspects is the ability to run ‘lookalike’ campaigns. With a lookalike audience campaign, we are able to use data from previous successful campaigns to create a new remarketing audience that is more likely to convert. 

How We Do It

Facebook has created a user-friendly platform, which leads many people to try their hand at remarketing and while you certainly can implement your own remarketing campaign, you can expect to see much better results if you choose to work with an experienced specialist like us. At Limelight Online our team is well versed in creating successful campaigns that will give you the most bang for your buck.

When it comes to Facebook remarketing, we take a two-phased approach.


We take the time to learn more about your target customers so we can set up an appropriate audience in the Facebook Ads Manager. Our experienced design team creates the ads that will be displayed via the Facebook newsfeed. These ads are specifically designed to appeal to your prospects and provide motivation to return to your website and complete the buying cycle.

Next we install a few lines of code (aka, Facebook remarketing pixel) on all pages of your website. We’re also happy to work with your webmaster to ensure this is set up correctly. We’ll discuss the best timeframe and budget for your campaign and then set these parameters in the Ads Manager. Once this is complete, your campaign can be made active.


Our job doesn’t end once the campaign is live. While the campaign is active, our team closely monitors the performance of your campaign to ensure that the results are meeting our expectations. If not, we will make changes to your audience, budget or the ad creative itself until the ad reaches its peak performance.

After your campaign concludes, we will analyse the results of the campaign and use this data to deploy future campaigns, if desired. You’ll also receive detailed reporting containing the metrics and results of all campaigns.