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irresistibly good

We know what it takes to design websites that wow.

  • GREAT VISUAL DESIGN: Using responsive web design techniques our designers will turn your brief into a visually appealing layout that not only works for you but for your website visitors regardless of the device they view it on. Every mobile friendly design is handcrafted from scratch - you won't find any templates around here!
  • THOUGHTFUL USER CENTRIC DESIGN: We take the time to understand how your website users think, so that when they arrive at your site they don't have to do the thinking. It's all about making the path to action simple, improving conversions and making a great first impression for your business.
  • OPTIMISED FOR CONVERSION: Using proven conversion optimisation techniques we work out how to increase website leads and sales by keeping visitors on your site and persuading them to take action.
  • SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY: Search engine optimisation is baked into every website we develop. Helping to improve your visibility; resulting in online success.
  • ROBUST TECHNOLOGY & SOFTWARE: Continual improvements to our core website content management system, ensures you get to work with a secure, reliable and cutting edge CMS. 


There’s So Much More Than Meets The Eye

Using the analogy of an Iceberg; with websites, most people only see what’s obvious above the waterline (e.g. the design) and a lot of website development and design companies focus all of their attention here. We take a more holistic approach and consider all aspects of an effective website – not only design but also usability, functionality, conversion and the on-going marketing of the website – the stuff below the waterline – where most of the effort is required and most of the gains are made.

Take a look at our info-graphic which highlights what goes on behind the scenes of the development of a successful website.




Be prepared to get a little intimate – we'll ask questions, listen and learn about your business, your customers, and your goals to gather a detailed understanding of the functionality your project  needs and what you want to achieve.



Next we’ll create a project plan, develop the sitemap and content recommendations, and prepare simple wireframes that define the structure and layout for your website



Here we'll create a visually appealing design concept that complements your brand, and has your website's visitors in mind. With your input, concepts are refined until we find a solution that's spot on.



The design and functionality are brought to life using a content management system that best suits your business requirements. Once built and tested via our rigorous 50 point testing and review process, you’ll get to see your new website and advise any last minute tweaks.



Final quality assurance testing takes place just before launch. Once we're satisfied that all development is complete, your website will be ready for opening night, centre stage! Don't worry, you'll receive full CMS training before we hand over the reins. 


Hosting, Domain Names, Content Strategy, Copywriting & More

We are a one stop shop. Whatever you need beyond the design, development and marketing of your website we do it all. 

hosting, domain names, copywriting & more

Leave the hard work to us; we also offer copywriting, graphic design, domain name registration, hosting and server monitoring services

Click the links to the left for more information about each service.

hosting, domain names, content strategy, copywriting & more

Providing those little extras…

Don’t want to juggle graphic design, domain name registration, web hosting and copywriting as well as getting a new website?

Sounds like about as much fun as herding cats, right? That’s why we take care of all those things – and more – in house. It’s all part of what we do; the whole package! Here’s an overview:

  • CONTENT STRATEGY: A clear strategy designed to guide all content.  
  • COPYWRITING: Professional, creative word content.
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN: Making you look good.
  • DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION: We do the paperwork!
  • HOSTING SERVICES: Data space, bandwidth…
  • SERVER MONITORING: Keeping you up and running 24/7.
  • ONGOING SUPPORT: We don’t design, build and walk away – help is just a phone call away.


Content Strategy

A well-executed content strategy facilitates the creation of compelling, clear and helpful information that your prospective customers are seeking. The presence of this content positions you as an authority in your industry, thereby increasing customer trust, confidence and the likelihood that they will do business with you.

Our objective is to help you create a highly usable site with content that addresses the customers’ needs and answers their questions before they are asked.

The plan you receive will be detailed and tactical in nature, so that it can serve as a guide for anyone who creates content (copy, images, videos, etc.) for your site at a later date. The strategy can be extended to cover additional communications such as blog posts, newsletters and social media.


Well-written web content can make all the difference to the success of your website. If you want professional content written for your website, our copywriters can put together copy that’s suited to your brand, goals and business requirements.

Graphic design

It’s vital that your brand remains consistent across your website and all other marketing collateral. If you need new branding (or a redesign of an existing brand), we can work with you to ensure that your brand portrays a professional image with consistent design across all mediums – from logos and business cards to signage and brochures.

Domain name registration

When you have your site built by Limelight we’ll also take care of registering the domain name/s of your choice. Any domains you purchase are registered with your company as registrant, meaning you’re the legal owner of the domain. We’ll also take care of all domain management and renewal processes on your behalf.

We also provide domain name parking, URL redirection, and DNS management free of charge. 

Hosting services

Our hosting plans are tailored to the requirements of each and every website.

  • ACTIVELY MANAGED WEB HOSTING SERVICES: delivering super-fast, robust hosting with high security, and outstanding reliability - 99.997% uptime.
  • GUARANTEED GOOD NEIGHBOURHOOD: Only Limelight Online clients are hosted on our servers, so you don’t have to worry about system security issues associated with shared hosting environments.
  • GEOGRAPHIC HOSTING: To ensure the fastest speed possible your website is hosted in the same location as your target market; we have our own servers in North America, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Holland and Germany.


Plesk Control Panel
Weekly Server Backups
Daily Website Data Backups
Unlimited Bandwidth*
Unlimited Storage*
Google Analytics Statistics
Instant Help

*Fair Use Policy applies

Server Monitoring

The quality of our hosting environment is paramount and we go beyond the server to actively monitor website services 24/7. You can rest assured that your website is in very safe hands.

Ongoing Support

As well as our managed web hosting services, our monthly service fee includes a full support service for our CMS users:

  • AUTOMATIC ONGOING CMS UPGRADES: There is no need to pay to install new versions of your CMS – we do it all for you. Updates to the Core and any modules, plugins or themes are pushed out to all sites as soon as they become available. We also backup all websites prior to updating so that we have a rollback position should anything go awry during the update process. For website owners this means minimal (if any) disruption of site availability during software updates and a lower lifetime cost of ownership.
  • GET INSTANT HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT: Friendly and knowledgeable telephone support is provided from 8.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Our support team will diagnose and resolve any website problems you might be experiencing. They can also help answer questions about your digital marketing campaign. Outside of these hours an after-hours support service is offered via the online support request form on our website. All requests are assessed and prioritised based on urgency, with all urgent enquiries dealt with immediately and non-urgent enquiries responded to within 24 hours.

Click here to compare our managed hosting plan with other un-managed plans.


  • How long will it take to design and develop a website?
    • This depends on the amount of customisation and functionality required but most website projects are completed within 8 weeks.
  • What is the difference between a template and custom website design?
    • A template is a pre-designed concept that has limited customisation. A custom website is a one-off design particularly targeted to your brand and your exact requirements.
  • What is Responsive Website Design (RWD)?
    • Responsive website design (RWD) is the process of designing and building a website using methods that allow the layout of the website to automatically adapt to fit the device it is being viewed on - be it on a desktop computer, a smartphone like Google Android or the Apple iPhone or a tablet computer such as the iPad or Kindle or a smart TV.

      Why Is Responsive Design Important?

      Future Proofing

      Responsive Website Design will help to future proof your website as new hardware and technology is released featuring screens of irregular shapes and sizes - the recent development of Smart TVs with built in web browsers should also be taken into consideration.

      More of Your Customers Are ‘Connected’ Via Mobile Devices

      Statistics NZ recently reported that the total number of Internet connections via a mobile phone increased by a third (on the year before) to more than 2.5 million over the 2012 year. Browsing the web via mobile phone is rapidly becoming the norm for many New Zealanders. Considering this statistic and the speed that technology is developing, it is vital to make sure your website is dynamic and can adapt to be user friendly on every type and size of device. These numbers are set to increase year on year as adoption of smart phones increases and the technology becomes cheaper and more accessible.

      Your Customers Expect a Great Mobile Website Experience

      Mobile users expect concise information at their fingertips and a good website experience for your mobile users will result in higher conversion whereas a bad website experience could result in them never coming back to your website in the future. Businesses that make mobile a central part of their strategy will benefit from the opportunity to better engage with the new ‘constantly connected consumer’.

      Your Competitors Are Going Mobile

      If you competitors don’t already have a mobile strategy in place, then it’s only a matter of time. Now is the time to put your business ahead of your competitors who haven’t yet considered their mobile users and to gain market share from those that have.
  • What is the difference between Responsive Website Design (RWD) and a mobile website?
    • The conventional approach of designing for mobile devices has been revolutionised by the advent of RWD.

      The advantages of RWD include:

      - Only one website to maintain that displays correctly across all devices
      - Reduced development and operational costs
      - Only one website address to promote in all of your online and offline marketing material
      - Future proofing your website as technology advances
      - Search engine friendly mobile solution – responsive design is recommended by Google as the best way to deliver an optimal user experience to smartphone users

      Want to test how your website looks and functions on multiple mobile devices? Check out our responsive tool to test your site now.