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email marketingSTAY IN TOUCH

Targeted email campaigns strengthen relationships with loyal and prospective customers

When a customer or prospective customer provides you with their email address, they are asking you to stay in touch. Email marketing is one of the most effective channels of communication between your business and people who are interested in your products or services

Engage with existing customers

Email marketing is a great way to engage with your existing customers. When you stay fresh and relevant in your customers’ minds, they are more likely to remain loyal customers and recommend your products or services to friends. Here are some ways you can engage with your existing customers:

Email marketing tools allow you to segment your emails so they are delivered to targeted audiences. This lets you send messages to specific groups of people, ensuring your content is relevant to their needs.

  • Send out useful tips or information to help them use your products
  • Keep them posted on changes in the industry that may affect them
  • Demonstrate your commitment to improving your products or services
  • Announce the launch of new product or services
  • Let them know about sales and specials

Turn prospects into customers

Your prospective customers may need a little more convincing before making a purchase. Email marketing is an effective way to keep the dialogue open and demonstrate your commitment to meeting their needs. Demonstrate this by:

  • Delivering additional information about your products and services
  • Announcing sales and specials
  • Providing content that shows how your product and service has helped other customers

Again, segmentation based on your customers’ needs and interests is a powerful way of ensuring that you deliver effective and relevant content.


Email marketing is a powerful tool, but it takes a lot of practice and experience to use it effectively – that’s where we come in! We customise our email marketing packages to suit the needs of each particular client and campaign. We can take ownership of the entire process or handle more discreet pieces of work. Our services include:

  • Template design and integration: We design beautiful email templates that represent your brand and integrate them with your email marketing platform so they are ready for use
  • Content creation: We can create unique content for your email campaigns or guide you as you create your own.
  • Email training: If you want to handle your own campaigns, we can provide comprehensive training on setting up and managing mail-outs in your chosen platform.
  • Managed campaigns: We can provide complete management of your email marketing campaigns. We do the work, you reap the rewards!
  • Marketing automation workflows: We can help you create automated emails that are triggered at specific points in the sales process. The best thing about our email automation workflows is that the heavy lifting is taken care of for you, making it easy to reach targeted customers with relevant messages at the right time.
  • Tracking and analysis: We analyse the data provided by your email marketing platform to determine how well your campaign has performed.
  • Reporting: Using this data, we help you understand the effectiveness of your campaigns and make recommendations for improving them.
  • Testing: Thanks to segmentation tools, A/B testing can be performed during email campaigns, allowing us to quickly test and improve your campaign.