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edit your own content with our simple cms

We don't think you should need our permission to update your website. That's why we'll set you up with your very own Content Management System (CMS).

Then you can perform any future updates yourself!

  • SAVE TIME: Static websites need to be updated by your web designer via manual coding - and their workflow schedule might not always meet your deadlines. With a CMS you can do it yourself, instantly!
  • SAVE MONEY: Web designers charge for updates. Do it yourself and save on ongoing costs. Plus with a CMS subscription you get automatic ongoing upgrades. There is no need to pay for or install new versions of the software – we do it all for you; all you need to manage is the website content.
  • KEEP YOUR CONTENT RELEVANT: Having fresh, up-to-date content encourages repeat visits, improves user experience and speaks volumes about your business.
  • GET INSTANT HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT: Our support team will quickly diagnose and resolve any website problems you might be experiencing.

The CMS platform that we choose to build your website on will be dependent on your needs. We have developed our own proprietary CMS called Orbit and we also build websites on open-source platforms such as; WordPress, Drupal 7, Drupal 8, Magento, Silverstripe and Joomla. We'll recommend the platform that we believe is the best fit for your needs.


Total Control of Your Content and Website Daily Website Content Backups Google Analytics Statistics
Search Engine Friendly Page Version Control - with Easy Restore Full Training
Modular - Flexible and Expandable File Manager Instant Help
Anti - Hacking Security Tiered User Access    


  • What is a Content Managment System?
    • A Content Management System (CMS) is a tool that lets you easily manage your website's content, putting the control in your hands. Update your site from anywhere in the world, whenever you decide, at no additional cost.
  • Do you provide automatic CMS upgrades?
    • Yes we do. You'll benefit from regular updates to Orbit (our own CMS) as we add new features and functionality. You won’t have to pay for or install new versions of the software – it’s all included as part of your CMS hosting plan. You’ll never have to pay to upgrade Orbit because we push out updates to all users in real time after they are tested and approved for rollout. This means you won’t experience any website disruption during upgrades and will benefit from a lower lifetime cost of ownership.

      We update WordPress sites on a weekly basis for version updates to the core, and any themes and plugins. Before applying any updates we always make a backup - just in case. Because we don’t write these updates we can’t guarantee their compatibility but we always check a site following an upgrade and can roll back should anything break.

      For other Open Source Platforms (Joomla, Magento, Silverstripe etc), we will contact you and quote to implement any security updates. Any version updates would generally be completed as a part of a redevelopment due to the prohibitive cost of regression testing for these platforms.
  • Can I see how many people have been visiting my website?
    • The CMS we build your site on integrates directly to Google Analytics from within the user interface.
  • I already have a web host. Can you install your CMS on my server?
    • No we can't. Your website must be hosted on our servers which are preconfigured with all necessary security permissions and supporting libraries. To deliver the high levels of functionality and security that we offer, the software needs to be installed on an optimised hosting environment with server root access. This level of access and management is rare in the industry and we are only able to offer it to our clients through our close management of the hosting environment and all software running on it. 
  • Will my website be secure?
    • All of or sites are built with security in mind. Whether you are the only person who makes updates to your website or you have multiple users that will each have access to restricted areas of the website, the flexible security features make it possible to give administrators just the right amount of access for the tasks they need to do.
  • What do I need to run the CMS?
    • The CMS is fully web based. A working Internet connection is all you need to manage the content of your website from anywhere in the world. We take care of the techincal server issues so that you don't have to.
  • Do you give training in the use of The CMS?
    • Yes, full training is provided immediately prior to the launch of your new website using our Quick Support service – a simple, fast and secure, online solution – we can, with your permission, instantly access your computer remotely and guide you through the training process.
  • Do you back-up my content?
    • Yes, we do a daily website content backup and also offer page version control with an easy restore option.