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Website Development

We're Using SVG for Website Builds. Should You Be Too?

10 Sep 2014
We have recently begun using SVG images in our website builds. Read on to learn about why we've made this decision and how SVGs can improve usability and performance on responsive websites.

One Responsive Tool to Rule Them All

16 May 2013
Building responsive websites is a fantastic way to have your website flow nicely on to any size and shape of device on the market. At the end of any development stage always comes testing though and testing on multiple devices can be quite time consuming. It only takes one small tweak on one device to mess it up on others. This post introduces a new tool developed specifically for the purpose of testing your responsive websites before rolling them out.

Using Divs for the layout of your site - more important than you think!

6 May 2013
Desktops, Tablets, Smartphones - do you need to future proof your website for all three? Find out why you should be using divs over tables!

Create a Dynamic PDF with PHP (Tutorial)

29 Apr 2013
Learn how to create dynamic PDF documents using the PHP library FPDF. This tutorial covers all the basics you need to get started!

Responsive Web Design - The Geek Stuff

16 Jan 2013
Wanting to know how to build your own Responsive Website? View these 3 easy steps to achieve a website that will look great on all devices.

Style a Select Box Using CSS

23 Nov 2012
Hello Web Developers. Do you have some select boxes that you need to style? Follow my tutorial on how to style select boxes using nothing but CSS!

Web Developers VS Web Designers - Round One - FIGHT!

24 Sep 2012
I've been developing websites for almost 10 years now and one situation that is consistent from project to project is...

Increasing Your Page Speed With CSS Sprites

17 Jul 2012
Image souce: jamesmellor Looking for an efficient way to increase your page speed and/or make effective CSS image rollovers? If...

My Top 5 Favorite jQuery Functions

23 May 2012
There are lots of fun and modern effects you can achieve on your website with just a couple of lines of...

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Content Management System

Choosing a Content Management System (CMS) to power your website is one of those business decisions that you’ll want to get...
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