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What It Means To Be a Google Premier Partner

30 Mar 2016

The Google Ads platform gives the impression that anyone can set up a successful Ads campaign – the interface is simple; the language is easy to understand and support resources are available. This leads many people to try their hand at Ads without the guidance of an Ads expert. Unfortunately, without a deep understanding of the platform, a lot of unnecessary money can be spent and budgets can be quickly blown without getting the expected results.

Google knows that there are thousands of Ads ‘experts’ out there, many of whom are vying strongly for your business, so in order to ensure quality results on their platform, Google have expanded their Partner program to include a new Premier Partner designation. As the highest level of recognition given by the company, Premier Partner status is reserved for a very small percentage of companies that continuously meet or exceed specific requirements.

Via our parent company, Apex Digital, we are very proud to be a Google Premier Partner. Our Online Marketing team have worked, and continue to work, very hard to achieve this partner status by meeting strict criteria set by Google.

In today’s post, we’re going to tell you a little bit about what it means to be a Premier Partner and how it can benefit your business.

Requirements for earning Premier Partner status

Google have specific requirements that must be fulfilled in order to earn and retain Premier Partner status. Each of these requirements helps ensure that Google’s Ads Partners deliver the highest quality of results to their clients.

  • Ads certification for at least two employees: In order to maintain Premier Partner status, we must have at least two Ads certified individuals on our team. To achieve certification, our employees completed the required coursework and passed Google’s Ads exams. 
  • Meet specific spend requirements across client accounts: Google look at the amount of advertising spend that we manage on behalf of our clients. The Standard Partner status requires management of at least $10,000 in any given 90 calendar days. The Premier Partner status must significantly exceed this amount. 
  • Meet company performance requirements: In order to maintain our Premier Partner status, we must continue to demonstrate solid ad revenue and growth. Google also expect us to not only maintain but grow our client base. This shows that we are achieving desirable results for our clients and using that knowledge to actively grow our position in the market.

Advantages of working with a Google Premier Partner

There are several reasons why it’s a smart move to choose a Premier Partner for your next Ads campaign. Here are some of the key advantages and benefits:

The highest quality of service
Google continually review their Premier Partners to ensure that they continue to meet the high standards required to maintain this designation. Conversion rates and client retention figures are among some of the key metrics reviewed by Google. By choosing a Premier Partner, you’ll have the assurance that you’re receiving the highest level of service and getting the most value out of your Ads spend. 

Testing and innovation to increase traffic to your site
Google encourage their Partners to engage in experimentation and innovation to ensure the best results. This may include targeting different demographics, running multiple ads per campaign to determine efficacy and running split testing (A/B testing). Premier Partners are required to demonstrate that they are engaging in this innovative process to help attract the greatest number of prospects to their clients’ sites.

Speedy resolution of issues
Thanks to our deep knowledge of and experience with the Ads platform, we are able to diagnose and resolve issues faster than those without experience in the Ads environment. In addition, our Premier Partner status means that we have direct access to a Google rep who we can immediately escalate issues to, if required. Without this kind of access, you may face a lengthy support queue and your ads could be placed on hold until your issue is resolved.

Utilise all available features
The Ads platform is robust and chock full of features that can help maximise the results of your Ads campaign. It would be impossible for inexperienced individuals to understand all of these features and know how to utilise them to your advantage. As Premier Partners, our team is required to understand how to use these features and has proven their expertise by passing the difficult exams put forth by Google. 

An insight into our process

We take the responsibility of being a Google Premier Partner very seriously and have developed a well-defined process that seeks to understand your business and your objectives which allows us to set up and manage successful campaigns.

We hope that we might be able to help you with either setting up a new campaign or reviewing and implementing changes on an existing campaign. It’s all part of our promise to bring your website ‘Centre Stage’.

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Written by
As one of two founding directors, Karyn is primarily responsible for the marketing and strategic direction of Limelight Online. With full time experience in the industry since 1998, Karyn’s extensive knowledge sees her deeply involved in product and service development for both the digital marketing and web development sides of the company.

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