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Tamron Galbraith

Tamron gained extensive experience in digital marketing from many years working for New Zealand’s largest corporates to more recent years working on his own enterprise. His business offered a complete array of services from professional photography/videography through to website development and digital marketing. These experiences have equipped Tamron with a broad set of skills to employ here at Apex Digital.

March 2024: Google algorithm update - A crackdown on low-quality AI generated content

Early this month Google released an update to its algorithm to address increasing incidences of spam that have been affecting the quality of search results on their platform. Their objective is to continue delivering the most useful content and help people connect with high-quality websites. Their latest update works towards that objective. Let’s jump into what the key changes are and how it may impact the search ranking of your site.

GA4 - Where to Start?

The time has come. Universal Analytics with all its familiar features is now a thing of the past. We’ve entered the age of GA4. Although unfamiliar for many, this platform offers advanced ways to measure and analyse your website traffic. With any new interface the challenge is knowing where to start. Intuitively, GA4 presents their reports as a life cycle, starting with acquisition. Let’s dive in and focus our attention here and touch on the main need-to-know areas of this report.