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Who Can Benefit from Using Facebook Business Manager?

17 May 2017

Facebook Business Manager (FBM) is a tool designed to give businesses better control over their Facebook pages and ad campaigns. Since its inception in 2015, the platform has evolved to offer a robust set of features and controls. FBM is particularly helpful if you manage several different pages, making it an essential tool for agencies like Limelight Online. It provides business owners more control over their page by allowing them to grant specific permissions to individuals who need to access their page. In today’s article, we’re going to tell you why we love using FBM and help you understand if it could benefit your business.

Benefits of Facebook Business Manager

FBM offers some great benefits, which make the upfront setup and mastery of a new set of tools worthwhile for many business owners. Here are some of our favourite things about FBM:

  • Using a single Business Manager account login, our social media team can schedule and publish posts on any pages that have granted our account access
  • Our team can manage ad campaigns and keep a close eye on their performance from one central location
  • We have a detailed record of who has done what on each account
  • We can focus on managing our clients’ social media accounts without getting distracted by our personal newsfeeds

It sounds great, right? You’re probably wondering why anyone wouldn’t use Facebook Business Manager. Well, let’s talk about that.

You don’t need FBM if…

While FBM is a fantastic and appropriate tool for many of our clients, we work with a small number of business owners who simply would not benefit from making the switch to FBM. If you are the only person responsible for your social media presence and Facebook advertising, then there’s no reason for you to invest time in setting up and mastering a new platform.

We do think most businesses can benefit from using FBM

The reality today is that most businesses have more than one person involved in their social media marketing efforts. In fact, we wholeheartedly encourage you to get your employees involved in your social presence. It creates a more interesting perspective for your audience and can foster enthusiasm and a sense of community within your team. Of course, we also think it’s a great idea to work with an experienced digital marketing agency to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your advertising spend on Facebook.

The scenarios listed below describe the people we believe can most benefit from using FBM. If you find yourself relating to any of these, it might be time to make the switch!

There are several people managing your Facebook page
FBM provides a layer of assurance and accountability by letting you grant very specific permissions to each individual involved in advertising or posting to your page. If you’ve hired an agency, they will be able use their own FBM account to provide access to their employees. Without FBM, your options are quite limited when it comes to how employees or an external agency can access your page. You may be tempted to hand over your login credentials, but we strongly discourage our clients from doing that. For security reasons, it’s just not a great idea to give outsiders access to your Facebook account

You manage several Facebook pages
FBM lets you easily switch between different pages and makes it very clear which account you’re currently working in. This is incredibly helpful if your business has more than one Facebook page.

You manage different Facebook ads accounts
Facebook Business Manager allows you to create different ads accounts, which is not possible to do with a normal Facebook account. The benefit here is that you can use different payment methods for ads and easily run ads across your various Facebook pages. Your accountant will thank you for making the move to FBM!

Want to learn more about Facebook Business Manager?
Facebook provide a good overview on Facebook Business Manager, including FAQ and troubleshooting tools. If you need additional information or are ready to set up Facebook Business Manager, this is the place to start. We’re also happy to chat with you and help you decide if it’s worth setting up FBM. If you want to learn more about how we’re helping our clients get ahead on Facebook, we encourage you to get in touch today!


Written by
As one of two founding directors, Karyn is primarily responsible for the marketing and strategic direction of Limelight Online. With full time experience in the industry since 1998, Karyn’s extensive knowledge sees her deeply involved in product and service development for both the digital marketing and web development sides of the company.

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