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Server upgrades - where we are at and what we have planned to do

28 Oct 2016

As anyone with a website on our Dutch, German or Australian servers will know, we are in the middle of a major server upgrade project across our network.  All our servers are being upgraded to the very latest versions of Centos (Linux), and Plesk as well as taking advantage of much faster hardware with the use of SSD (Solid State Disks). 

We expect to complete our Australian server migration this month and will then proceed to upgrading our Auckland Servers. The London and Dallas Servers are newer, so although we will be upgrading these too, it won’t be until mid-2017. 

Most Limelight clients are on our Auckland servers so we thought we would give a high-level overview of how the process will work so that you know what to expect. We have recently leased a brand new State-Of-the-Art server in Auckland. The first stage of the upgrade will be to migrate the current Virtual Machines (VM’s) off their existing hardware and onto this new hardware – we expect this to happen in the 2nd week of November. Unfortunately, there will be some unavoidable scheduled downtime (several hours) to complete this migration, however we will complete the migration overnight New Zealand time to minimise any impact. We will advise of this downtime once we have a firm date and time. 

Once the existing VM’s are on the new hardware we will begin the process of migrating the websites one at a time onto new Virtual Machines to take advantage of the latest software and security improvements.  We will migrate and fully test sites on the new VM’s in an offline environment and only update the DNS to make the new site live when we are happy the transfer has been successful. 

We will also have the fall-back position of reverting to the existing site if anything should go wrong during the transfer. 

For most sites, we do not expect any downtime at all during this site transfer process. For high transaction and Ecommerce sites we may need to take your sites offline for a short period to preserve data integrity during the transfer window. You will receive test emails during the migration to test forms etc., we would appreciate it if you could email us back to say you have received the tests. 

This upgrade is free of charge and is part of our commitment to providing a dependable, secure hosting solution to our clients. 

We will be in touch with clients on a site by site basis to notify you of a time and date for the transfer of your site. The entire migration is likely to take up to six months to complete (hundreds of sites) so please don’t worry if you don’t hear from us immediately.

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